I used to be really good at faking the funk.

According to my LinkedIn profile and status updates, things were fine. I was employed, had a stable relationship, and to the outside world, all was well. Until one day, someone asked "how are you?" In that instance I mustered a smile and said "I'm fine!"

Although, I may or may not have been on the brink of tears. In reality, I was on autopilot, coasting through life not really being happy or fulfilled. I was tired of settling for less than what I knew I deserved.

Tired of secretly not being happy for other peoples' successes because I didn't feel accomplished myself.

Tired of filling up my calendar with happy hours and reality TV shows in order to avoid facing my dilemma.

Tired of dead ends and mediocrity.

Tired of not being who I truly was.

After soul searching and being real with myself, I came to a conclusion: I could  either stay stuck, but be comfortable and just "ok," OR I could face my fears, harness my courage and see what the other side of life had to offer.

I didn't want to face uncertainty. I saw others who made their leaps of faith and thought "that's great for them, but not for me." I also rationalized that continual joy was unrealistic:

"THOSE people are soooo annoying and fake"

These were my excuses.

I wish I could say a light bulb went off [*DING] or I had a change of heart overnight. But honestly, it was nothing of the sort. After being laid off and attending far too many pity parties, I knew I had to start SOMEWHERE. I realized that transformation begins with just one single moment --- a moment when you make a choice to act, think or feel differently than you've ever done so before.


Are you ready for that moment? Maybe you're stuck... Tired of faking it to make it... Frustrated at not being in control of your life? Well, today is the day! Let go and embrace the uncertainty and begin your transformation to becoming ALIVE.

So here's where Cultivated Sense comes in. Because I am super excited for that single moment.

Because you probably know what you should be doing, but for some reason, you aren't and you need a little help.

Because you’ve already got the tools and want to figure out how to unleash and maximize them. The talent is there; it just needs to be cultivated.

What if 2015 was your best year yet?

What's with the name?

Cultivated Sense was born out of the understanding that although common sense is sometimes not-so-common, it can be cultivated.

OK...but what does that have to do with me?

There are several famous mad scientists who work on developing artificial intelligence and teaching computers common sense and I thought "shouldn’t we be helping humans learn this knowledge?" Oh yea, that thing called school does exist. But it doesn’t take an education major to recognize that most education systems do not thoroughly prepare us for living life. And a lot of people are experiencing some of what I described above. They tend to think the solution calls for some magic miracle pixie dust or are waiting for a "come-to-Jesus" moment.

The solution is actually simple and straightforward: to learn what you missed out on. Cultivate the skills and knowledge to make sense of your life. Figure out why you continue to settle into unhealthy relationships. Develop self-awareness, clarity of focus and a sense of purpose. Get to the bottom of why you are so unhappy at work. Understand and take the risk to leave all that "stuff" and expectations behind. That's what we'll help you do!


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About Stephanie Ghoston:

I have God, family, friends, and arch nemeses to thank for the ideas and Max for the design. Midwestern roots, DC residency. I’m a recovering lawyer turned life coach, and also a Compassion Partner. My confidence supersedes my height by about 10 inches, which makes me a very serious flag football and basketball rec league player.
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