Stephanie believes education can change the world. She sees life coaching as a form of education.


"You have formal education (schooling) and informal education (common sense/experience). If you missed the common sense, you can cultivate it. I also feel like sometimes people think life coaching isn't accessible to them. But I am here to tell them that 'it is!' Life isn't a series of aha moments and you don’t have to become a monk, up and quit your job or move to Bali to “find yourself.” The everyday, baby steps you take towards changing your life goals are steps needed to transform your entire life. With a little coaching and understanding I help regular folks’ live extraordinary lives."- Stephanie Ghoston

Cultivated Sense offers several comprehensive packages to help clients reorganize, redirect, and revive their lives:

6 Week Package: Life Boot Camp

The Life Boot Camp is for tackling short term goals and projects. This package helps you to quickly develop clarity and a game plan to move forward. The package includes six (6) powerful one-hour conversations via phone or virtually, as well as a weekly check-in for support. CHECK OUT

3 Month Package: Rockstar Tour

The Rockstar Tour package is all about defining your vision for the next three months and clearing out blocks, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs so that you feel aligned with your purpose. Ten (10) hour-long conversations will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Between-session email support included. CHECK OUT

6 Month Package: Transformation Overhaul

The Transformation Overhaul package helps you refresh and reinvent your life. With this package, I am committed to gaining a thorough understanding of your situation, values, and goals and will help you take action to create a life you love. The package includes twenty (20) to twenty-two (22) recorded calls (depending on your needs) and between-session email and phone support. CHECK OUT
      *Customized packages available upon request.  

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