Learning As We Go: Productivity

In the spirit of continued growth, Sandra and I decided to try out Google+ Hangouts on Air. In the beginning, we were just figuring out how it works and the various tools and tricks you can play around with. We thought it could be a great learning and teaching tool and decided to hold weekly broadcasts about various topics. The broadcast, Learning As We Go, has grown to include Jenny, a travel coach, and Dixie, a relationship coach and motivational speaker. We plan to continue the series and would love feedback on how we can use that time!

This particular week, Dixie couldn’t make it but Jenny, Sandra, and I talked about productivity.

Check out the video and notes below on staying productive, resources we use, and how to get back on the wagon after you’ve fallen off:

You didn't make through all 27 minutes? It's ok, here's the 5 minute version:

How to stay productive: 

Sandra: stick to a schedule, listen to your body, and rest
Jenny: set 3 goals a day, write these tasks the day before and use meditation to refocus and get in the present. Also set weekly goals that are connected to a long term goal- learned from TheFeelGoodLifestyle
Me: before going to bed, data dump with strict time limit to clear brain. Data dump is basis of to-do list for the next day. Prioritize to-do list and circle/highlight 2-3 things that must get done that day.

What resources to use: 

JennyPomodoro Technique- work 20 mins straight and take a 5 min break, which increases the chance you’ll get into flow. If task is easier, work for 50 mins instead and then take a 10 mins break. Work you way up to 2 hours of work, and then you get a 1 hour break. Your quality of work will be higher because you’re in flow.
Me: Evernote for my laptop and phone. Google calendar-block out time for tasks and me time. Calendar reminders get me motivated to get task done even if I under/overestimate time.

How to recover from an off day:

Jenny: Give yourself a break, it's ok. forget it!
Me: life happens, power down and engage in self care. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Forgive yourself and make amends to others and to self. You’re not a bad person. Playfulness helps. Focus on future and progress. Have a laugh, but tomorrow, work overtime. Do things today that will make tomorrow doubly productive.
Sandra: Give ourselves the same grace as we’d extend to someone else.

Final thoughts/conclusion:

Sandra: Be present. Weigh your time and its value- learn whats important. To move a mountain you need to move the stones, one stone at a time. Baby steps.
Jenny: If resistant toward planning day, instead plan to work so many hours and set aside time for yourself. Work in the morning when you're most productive.
Me: Do what works for you. If you're a night owl, continue to be one. Scientific facts and competing opinions are a baseline. Be self aware- take some time to notice when you’re most and least productive/attentive. Experiment.
Jenny: Everyone’s body is different. You must be willing to change up what you’re already doing to figure out what works for you. Think about your work environment too.
Sandra: Who you surround yourself with helps too. You need a support system; will help you dig a bit deeper

What works for you? What resources do you use? How do you recover from an unproductive day? How’d you figure out your routine? Would you like to join us on Learning As We Go? What do you want to hear us chat about? Sound off in the comments!
  • Sandra

    Love the Highlights Stephanie! Love the process.

    • Steph

      Thanks Sandra! I can’t wait to continue the series next week 😀

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