Hey Party People! Welcome


I'm Stephanie Ghoston, founder and life coach of Cultivated Sense. Cultivated Sense is all about helping those of you who are stuck, trapped, at dead ends or on autopilot, to move forward with your life.

I truly believe that everyone should be able to answer the question of "how are you" with an authentic "I'm great!" instead if "I'm ok, I'm fine, I'm getting by."

I know that life isn't a series of “AHA" moments but no matter the circumstances in life, I want you to be able to have clarity, see joy, and work towards the life you were made to live.

You may have been like me, and are worried about leaving a comfortable, safe, “realistic” situation. You know that this ain't as good as it gets, but you don’t want to risk what you have now for the unknown.

Trust me, the risk and uncertainty are totally worth it and no matter the result, you’ll be happy that you started your journey. I hope to build a community that can help you along the way too! I'm super excited to hear from you and I welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to look around!

From the bottom of my heart,
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